Take Your Talent from Passion to Profit

Calling all crafters and Momprenuers! Do your homemade Christmas gifts always receive endless praise? Is everyone clamoring for your recipes or your home décor tips? Guess what? You have talent. Talent has value. Start letting your passion work for you!

To the Next Stage in Just 10 Weeks

Let’s take “that thing you do,” your side project, your “for a little extra cash” to a level you never imagined. Turn your talents into a real business and watch it grow exponentially. In this fun and informative 10-week class you will learn the basics of creating a successful crafting business all your own. This easy to understand course gives you the tools to build an online business, create targeted online marketing, engage in e-commerce and much more. Start today and turn your passion project into a source of sustainable income. With the right tools and knowledge, you can create a business that works for you, your busy schedule, and your family.

Crafting A Foundation: Course Design

Our 10-week course is specifically developed to help busy moms and new online learners navigate the confusing and chaotic world of entrepreneurship, online business, and marketing.

Business Branding Basics

Learn how to create a business that stands out from the crowd. Build a brand that reflects your product, personality, and goals. Differentiate yourself from competitors with smart design and positioning.

Website Platform Set-Up

You don’t need to know how to code to build a professional looking website. This course will teach you about the platforms and tools already at your fingertips. Even the most novice of internet users can create a beautiful website with e-commerce functionality.

Domain Purchase & Pointing

A great domain can be the first step to online success. This course will teach you how to choose and purchase a domain that will drive customers to your site and your products.

Newsletter Set-up

Keep in touch with past and potential customers. Learn how integrating cost-effective customer relationship tools like monthly newsletters and targeted emails can lead to business success.

Product Offering and Pricing

Don’t undervalue yourself or your product. This course will teach you how to position and price your crafts correctly.


An essential part of a successful e-commerce business? Product photography. Learn what works for your type of product or service and convert your website visitors into customers.

Taxes, Copyright, & Trademarks

Protect your business and your ideas by doing everything by the book. The course teaches you the ins and outs of the legal matters that will matter to you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business organically. Learn how to choose the right platforms and create a message that will resonate with potential customers.

SEO Ranking

A great website doesn’t matter if no one can find it. Search Engine Optimization helps your business become relevant to potential customers and search providers.

Affiliate Marketing

This course will teach you how to carefully choose your advertising partners to get the most for your money and drive customers to your site.

Planning & Organization

It’s all about the details. With the right tools and organization, you can easily navigate the business world and become a successful entrepreneur.

Hi! My name is Jeanna Hooper, and this is my husband, Brian.

I started this site to be a resource for other women who are building their handmade/craft businesses.

I started HoopMama in 2014 out of a strong desire to stay home with my newborn son. After facing fertility issues for 18 months, and praying and praying and PRAYYYYING for a baby... I knew the moment I took him home there was no way I wanted anyone else getting those awesome baby snuggles. So I was determined to earn income from home in some way. I read so many blogs about how to make $1,500 a month from home and I thought,"if I can just make $1,500 a month, then even just that will make me feel like I'm contributing in some way."

That modest goal was CRUSHED when I earned well over 6-figures in my first year!

I quickly found that my passion was truly in helping other women, like me, grow their home businesses, contribute to the household income, and pursue their dreams of "mompreneurship."

HoopMama may have been my flagship business, and will always be my baby. As I grow in my business and in my knowledge, I feel such a strong calling in my life to help other moms that just want to be home with their babies.

I know there are so many of you who desperately want to be home with your kids, and whether you need guidance for where to start, tips to tweak, or just need a cheerleader to keep you going when things get hard... that's exactly what I'm here for.

My son is now almost 3 and my passion for my business and it's success just grows and grows. The more energy I devote to my passion, the more fruit it produces. There isn't a shortage of money in the world, there is a shortage of people who are determined to succeed and claim it!

I don't care if you're "just a mom." I AM TOO!!! But I'm a determined, focused, and passionate mama that will NEVER, ever, ever.... EVER "clock-in" and work for anyone else in my life!

This guy right here is the reason for all of it. God gave him to us exactly when he was supposed to come. And he has been such a blessing to our family.

I am so thankful that I am in a position now to where I can share what I've learned over the past 3 years with all of you. I hope you join me in this chapter of my journey.


What Are You Waiting For?

Building a business is simple when you have the right tools and knowledge to accomplish your goals. The Crafting A Foundation course will give you the know-how and confidence to create the business and life you have always dreamed.

Start today. Turn your passion into profits. Gain the tools and knowledge to build a better business and a better life.